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What’s Your Money Belief?


1. I don't deserve a lot of money when others have less than I do.
2. Things would get better if I had more money.
3. It's extravagant to spend money on myself.
4. If someone asked me how much I earn, I might exaggerate and suggest more than what I actually earn.
5. There is virtue in  living with  less money.
6. Money tends to corrupt people.
7. I could never have too much money.
8. You should always look for the best deal, even if it takes some time.
9. People should work for their money.
10. If something isn't the best, it is probably not worth buying.
11. If I had a lot off money, it would be hard for me to trust what people want from me.
12. I won't buy something unless it's new.
13. Wealthy people tend to take their money for granted.
14. I'm uncomfortable talking about how much money I have or make.
15. Money is power.
16. Those who don't have money are probably not trying hard enough.
17. People are as successful as the amount of money they earn.
18. Money buys freedom.
19. If someone asked me how much I earn, I might be vague and suggest less than what I actually earn.
20. Money would solve most of my problems.

Learn the money fundamentals,

Take action, build healthy money habits,

Grow personally and prosper,

Contribute and give back to society.

Everyone can and should be successful with money. The fundamentals of money are simple and easy to implement. They lead to realized dreams, personal growth and contribution to others. They are the foundation of a life better lived.
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